Friday, 4 October 2013

A Review Of The Summer Infant Baby Monitor (Video)

The Summer Infant Baby Monitor is a line of devices which seeks to extend the functionality of traditional baby monitors. It is commonly understood by many to refer to its line of video monitors, which has many convenient features such as a touch screen and magnetic docking stations. However, the Summer Infant brand also has a separate line of purely audio monitors in stock, which also has its own features such as automatic channel selection and a wide operation range.

Regarding the more common video baby monitor, one of its prominent features is the use of sound light technology. With this, the baby's parents are instantly aware of the baby's level of activity. The more lights being lit, the louder the baby's sounds, which typically means crying. This signals the parents to rush to the child's side. On the other hand, the less lights being lit, the softer the baby's sounds, which may simply correspond to cooing, and does not warrant immediate attention. This feature has been positively reviewed by all its users, and is considered a very handy addition.

Another feature, optional in these monitors, is the night vision capability. It allows the viewer to see the baby even in dimly lit conditions. Many users do not consider this feature to be essential, with only a few users considering it handy, especially if their baby finds it hard to sleep with the room lights turned on. At the very least, it is considered to give the parents more peace of mind at night.

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